Thanks and appreciation to all those who helped, supported and contributed all along.


Yeholot (Start, Last Hurdle) from 2011


·        Rashi Foundation

·        The Leven Family

·        Ministry of Education

·        Bedouin Education Administration and Druze Education Administration

·        Local Authorities and Regional Councils

·        AMIT network

·        Amal - Multidisciplinary Network

·        Bernard and Sandra Otterman Foundation

·        The Bronicki family

·        The Chais Family Foundation

·        Check Point

·        Darca Network

·        Embassy of the United States in Israel

·        Federation of Tucson

·        Future Network

·        Israel Diamond Exchange

·        J.F.N.

·        MEPI - USA State Department

·        Morningstar

·        The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

·        The Rosenblum Family Foundation

·        Sklare Foundation

·        Dr. Steve Solomon

·        Foundation Together

·        Aurec-Humanity Foundation

·        Anonymous Donors


Thanks and appreciation:


To the hundreds of coordinators, teachers, practitioners, school principals, pedagogical facilitators and disciplinary supervisors from schools in the geo-social periphery, directors of education departments and supervisors, who, in their strenuous and unconventional efforts implementing the Accelerated Narrowing of the Gaps Method, have turned the belief that everyone is able, into reality.