1Yeholot Start for Matriculation and Prevention of Student Dropout

Yeholot Start aims to address the two major challenges of Israel's education system:

  1. Low rates of matriculation eligibility.
  2. High rates of student dropout, both active (no school attendance) and passive (school attendance without learning or participating).

Start is based on Yeholot's Accelerated Reduction of Learning Gaps Method and takes the unconventional strategy, opposite to what is customary, of targeting the lowest achieving pupils from the bottom of the schools' score list, upwards.

Start is a three-year program, from the end of 9th grade through 12th grade, operated in comprehensive high schools in Israel's socio-geographic periphery.

Yeholot Start targets at-risk youth who at the end of 9th grade are the lowest achievers:

Yeholot believes that it is not the student who has failed, but the system that has failed the student - therefore change must come from within the system. Participating schools, management and teachers, undergo professional training and receive ongoing pedagogic counselling and accompaniment by Yeholot's team. Start is operated in a designated classroom, with a unique pedagogical structure and curriculum. Studies take place during school hours, after school and during some of the vacations.

By changing the pace and structure of study, providing individual attention and assistance, building pupils’ motivation and dealing with the emotional roots of underachievement, the cycle of failure is broken and the path to success is paved. Studying towards matriculation is considered as both an end in itself and as a means to prevent student dropout.

The program makes a deep impact on the entire school when the lowest achievers are led to success judged by universal standards (matriculation certificate), causing a fundamental change in the self-perception of these pupils and in the way they are perceived by their classmates, parents and teachers.


Key Program Results:

♦ In 2018, 1,791 students from 19 comprehensive high schools in 11 communities in Israel's socio-economic periphery participated in the program.

♦ In the last decade, more than 70% attained their matriculation certificate.

♦ In the last decade, more than 92% completed the program - the same students who began the Program as at-risk youth on the verge of dropping out of school entirely.

♦ Above 95% experience a marked increase in locus of control, self-efficacy, sense of belonging and aspirations for an academic future, along with a reduction in behavior issues.

 ♦ Above 30% continued on to academic studies.


For more information regarding Yeholot Start annual results.


2. Yeholot Last Hurdle for Matriculation

A semestrial program that targets 11th and 12th grade students in comprehensive high schools in Israel's socio-geographic periphery, who are failing, or in danger of failing, in one or two subjects that would constitute an obstacle to attaining a matriculation certificate.

Participation in the Program leads them towards renewed success, matriculating in the previously failing subject and attaining their matriculation certificate at the end of 12th grade.

Last Hurdle is operated mainly after school hours and focuses on one educational subject, while offering a relevant and "unforgiving" curriculum, accompanied by a clear, measurable, agreed upon educational discipline destination. The Program is carried out prior to the national summer or winter matriculation exams and is designed to lead its youth participants to scholastic success in the previously failing subjects and, subsequently, the attainment of their matriculation certificate. Activity takes place mainly after school hours and in intensive “learning marathons” outside the school.


Some Key Results:

In 2018, the Program included some 1,065. Out of the 1,065 participants, 998 participated in Last Hurdle for Matriculation and 67 in Last Hurdle for Outstanding Matriculation.

♦ In 2018, 1,065 11th and 12th grades students, from 43 comprehensive high schools, in 22 peripheral communities participated in the Program.

♦ in the last decade, more than 92% achieved matriculation ability in the previously failing subject.

♦ More than 99% competed the program. The Program achieves a very high percentage in perseverance.

♦ Above 80% attained their matriculation certificate at the end of 12th grade as a direct result of succeeding in the previously failing subject.


For further information regarding Accelerated Learning for Matriculation "Last Hurdle"/"Obstacle" Subject 


Both Programs employ Yeholot's principles of accelerated learning. The teachers are members of the participating school staff who receive specialized training by Yeholot's professional team.


Both Programs are implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the municipal education departments in participating localities and philanthropic partners.


The Tel Aviv University School of Education examines and validates Yeholot's programs' statistics and provides Yeholot its academic sponsorship.