1. Yeholot for Matriculation and Prevention of High School Dropout – “Start” Program
In an effort to increase matriculation rates and reduce hidden and actual dropout, the program, using the method of accelerated reduction of learning gaps, takes the unconventional approach of focusing on the lowest-achieving pupils.
Operating in high schools in the periphery, the program accepts youth at risk who are on verge of dropping out,starting with a group of 30-50 pupils with an average mark under 54; more than half have at least 7 failures across all subjects. The program works with this group for more than three years, from the end of 9th grade through 12th grade, and aims to extend the support until they reach academic studies.
The pupils in the program join a separate class, taught by regular school teachers who are trained and guided by Yeholot instructors. Studies take place during school hours, as well as after school and during part of the vacations.
By changing the pace and structure of study, providing individual attention and assistance, building pupils’ motivation and dealing with the emotional roots of underachievement, the cycle of failure is broken and the path to success is paved. Studying towards matriculation is considered as both an end in itself and as a means to prevent school dropout.
The program makes a deep impact on the entire school when the lowest achievers are led to success by universal standards, causing a fundamental change in the self-perception of these pupils and in the way they are perceived by their classmates, parents and teachers.
Key Program Results:
♦ In 2017, 2500 students from 18 schools in 11 communities of the socio-economic periphery participated in the program.
♦ In the last 10 years (2010-2017) 4,550 students participated in the program and completed their studies. 3,191 were eligible to the matriculation diploma ( around 70% from all the graduates)
♦ Very low droput. Dropout form school was lower than 5% from all the participants that began studing in the program.
♦ A significant drop in behavior problems and a significantly higher internal focus of control were noted among the participants.
♦ After the program is implemented in a school, an increment of 19% in eligibility for matriculation can be noticed. Start program is a helpful program for the school too.
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2. Yeholot for Matriculation – “Last Hurdle” Program
Implemented in schools with a low rate of matriculation success, the Last Hurdle program targets 10th-12th grade pupils who failed, or are expected by their school to fail the matriculation exam in one particular (“obstacle”) subject, which remains their “last hurdle” to a matriculation certificate.
The program employs Yeholot's principles of accelerated learning over one semester for each subject. It takes place mainly after school hours and in intensive “learning marathons” outside the school. With few exceptions,the teachers are members of the school staff who received specialized training beforehand. 
The program is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the municipal education departments in participating localities.
Some Key Results:
♦ 1,489 is the number of participants in the program in 2017, from 50 schools in 30 communities from the socio- economic periphery. About half of the schools implemented the program independently with their own staff. The staff recieved previous trainment and preparation from Yeholot while participating in the program years before.
♦ 94.3% of the pupils who entered the program have passed the matriculation exam in the obstacle subject succefully. A total of 1,035 students were elegible to the matriculation diploma.
♦ 99.7% of the pupils who entered the program completed it and took the matriculation exam in the “obstacle” subject.This is a very high percentage in preseverance.
♦ Since 2001 more than 90% of the students participaiting in the program have passed the matriculation exam in the "obstacle" subject, in parallel with the increase of the number of participants.
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