"I suddenly understood that it's not impossible"

October 2007


I suddenly understood that it’s not impossible

Bracha Maoz
Vav Comprehensive High School


The Tafnit “Start” Program – A Success!

If I would stand in front of a cliff and I would ask a person with no legs how long it would take him to climb it…?

What do you think the answer would be?

Do you think it’s even possible????????

That’s what I felt like when I first joined the project.

A three year old cliff that was far higher than what I had imagined was

possible to climb.

Matriculation examinations????

Who is clever enough for those?

After the first study marathon they tested me on what we’d learned, and I

couldn’t believe it.

I got 100%. Can you understand it?

All of a sudden I realized that it’s not impossible.

With the right tools, even someone without legs can climb a cliff that is far

higher than what seems possible.

But it all depends if he wants to!

The key is to want to!!!

Whoever wants to can succeed!

Good luck

Bracha Maoz