"Without your program my daughter would have been totally lost"

October 2007

 Without your program my daughter would have been totally lost

without the “Start” Program my daughter would have been totally lost! The person who invented the program and made sure it would take place at our school is a genius. I can see the great change in my daughter during the year she was in that class.

Before she was in that class, my daughter didn’t believe in herself at all, and had no self-confidence or self-esteem. She didn’t have any motivation to study and felt different to everyone else, and in despair.

Today she is thriving. She comes home with a smile on her face and with good marks, and she feels good.

Today she wants to study and she’s pleased that she’s succeeding. Today she feels equal to everyone else. She likes school and her class. She has learned to have confidence and faith in herself. I feel the change and am happy together with her.

This is a fantastic program for students who are having difficulties or who have lost faith in themselves. The staff provides everything you need for the children to succeed. Everyone can do it.

The honest truth is that I’m over the moon, and so is my daughter. There has been a tremendous change in her.

Today her studies are her top priority and I’m sure, God willing, that she’ll manage to get her matriculation certificate with good grades, something that would have been hard to believe would have ever happened without the program.


Shosh Cohen

Mother of a student

in the Tafnit “Start” Program

Tuviyahu Comprehensive High School, Beersheba