"You are the best of the best"

July 2007


You are the best of the best

V. and Y. from Beer Sheve


 In the 2004-2005 school year a decision was made to open a Tafnit Program class that

gives students, of whom some have learning disabilities, some a lack of motivation to

study, and some all kinds of other problems, a chance to be eligible for a atriculation


But all of them had the abilities within them to succeed with a little help, push and the correct guidance. Indeed they were given the opportunity to study in small classes and

groups, to be given practice marathons, repetition, and assimilation of the study material

with tutors who provided help and support, and teachers who were leaders who continued leading their students even when crises arose. And there were plenty of crises.


As parents, we saw for three years how our children were changing direction, maturing

and becoming more serious, taking on responsibility, and not just for their studies.


They were given tools to cope with all kinds of difficulties and different situations, and to

know that one must not give in easily, and learned there are ways to overcome problems

and to succeed. In this way a type of familial, warm environment was created between

students, parents and teachers.


We were all full partners in the entire process which eventually produced results, and

boasted an outcome in which 85% of the program graduates passed the matriculation

examinations; something that will open doors to them in the future. We were also given

the good news that the program is not yet over and they will continue to receive guidance

for the duration of their army service and up until they study in institutes of further



I sincerely hope that this program will continue, and expand, allowing future pupils to

benefit from it.


To all the staff that was willing to improve the group and give us the feeling that the sky

was the limit… We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! For the

successful conclusion; the friendly and positive environment that is the pinnacle of

society and community; the politeness and nobility of endless work and social dedication.


We would like to show our appreciation for the wonderful and devoted multi-faceted

partnership and hope to continue it. You have left us anticipating more!


It simply warms the heart to meet people who have contributed to our lives and are

willing to inculcate social values of expanding horizons and knowledge, in society at large

and in the individual community.


You are the best of the best, and we pray to continue to be blessed with talented people

like you.