"You can do it, you can do it, you are succeeding."

December 2012

S.A. Graduated from the Yeholots' Start Program, Beer Sheva.

"The story is about S.A, a student who did not know anything about his life and was constantly looking for trouble and did not learn (S.A talking about himself). I began to study in 7th grade in a class of 40 students, the teacher, with all her good will, did not always manage to control me. I spent most of my time in junior high school with friends from the neighborhood who studied with me. I did not study at all, and every three months the school would invite my parents to an urgent and serious conversation in which I was told that I was still a class. I already knew what and how to say to stay one more year at school, so either I promised that I would improve and the teachers believed me or that I stayed two weeks after graduation and learned a subject I was weak in it and so I moved from seventh grade to eighth grade and from there to ninth grade.

At the end of ninth grade I was told that my certificate is bad but I have high abilities, so they give me another chance to succeed. Of course I thought I will have another year of fun outside the class and that's how I'll get to grade 12ve grade, I'll get 12 years of school and I'll finish with my studies.

During the summer vacation, a Start educator came to visit us at home. From the very beginning we had good chemistry and I believed every word she said and I got the feeling that maybe someone would finally care about me.

My first year at the Start Program, I will not forget my whole life, it was like someone who slaps me in the face and wakes me up: every day, whenever Sharona said "You can do it, you can do it, you are succeeding." Day after day, Sharona would pick me up from the schoolyard, put me in the classroom, hold me to a tutor who made me work, and she would call me in the morning, during the day, at the end of the day and not let go of me. Contrary to the expectations of everyone and myself, I can say that I believe that I will reach a full matriculation certificate thanks to the program and thanks to the bulldozer, my educator Sharona Meir.

This year I have many matriculation exams (even some last year's subjects), but thanks to the educator, the tutors, the specific hours, the concentrated days and the marathons days, I believe I will succeed.

Thank you very very much.