"The Program principles have created a revolution in our school"

October 2007


The Program principles have created a revolution in our school

Mrs. Matty Mindlin

Vav Comprehensive High School



Tafnit Program’s “Start Success” Program classes have been functioning in the Vav Comprehensive School in Beersheba in three grade levels. There are 150 students in the 12th grade classes, comprising around 20% of those in the high school.

The first class has just graduated at the end of the 2006-2007 school year, and 40-42 students out of a total of 48 will be eligible for a matriculation certificate. These students usually started off with hidden dropout, problems with behavior and functioning, and with a 9th grade report card showing failing grades in many subjects.

The principles of Tafnit Program’s “Start Success” class have created a school revolution. The change has come about through involving an external body; however the program has been carried out by the school teaching staff.

The change necessitated hard work and demands for both the students and the teachers, with our central motto being the idea that success is a function of the amount of effort. The principles of the program quickly proved that success is possible and that everyone can do it. Both the teacher and the student.

The program brought success and a sense of satisfaction to a large group of students, as well as the large number of teachers who took part. Our educational credo, together with both the teaching staff and the management, is that we believe that success is not measured only by grades and examination results, but also by the level of responsibility that every participant learned, and by the level of determination and strength everyone gained from the program, to continue to participate in it and set himself greater future challenges.

These characteristics of belief in one’s abilities, changes in the organization of learning and teaching; disciplinary guidance; the Tafnit Program’s success-orientated and “mock” examinations; concentrated, marathon study days just before matriculation examinationswhile at the same time paying attention to the study environment and teaching conditions, all allowed our students and teachers to succeed.

Success was infectious. Students, teachers and parents underwent an experience that left each one full of satisfaction at the results. The school’s atmosphere became primarily infused with action, but I also can identify the beginnings of group pride with the studentsteachers and parents having a greater sense of belonging.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who are partners in our educational work with emphasis on disadvantaged populations – to the Ministry of Education, to the Beersheba Municipality Educational Department, the Rashi Foundation, the Tafnit Program and the honorable donors.

A special thank you goes to the Program’s creator, Mr. Nissim Cohen, the director of the Tafnit Program and to Motti Shitrit, advisor and program coordinator at the Vav Comprehensive School, Beersheba.

Matti Mindlin,

Principal of the Vav Comprehensive School