Rashi Foundation

The Rashi Foundation is one of the leading private funds in Israel. Established in 1984, the Foundation is dedicated to assisting the underprivileged in Israel, focusing on children and special-needs populations in the geographic and social periphery of Israeli society.


Ministry of Education


National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education - NAME [RAM"A] (Hebrew)

Name provides professional guidance for the education system in the areas of assessment and evaluation. It acts as an objective, independent body that serves all the interested parties within the education system and outside. In order to enable it to fulfill its mission, NAME was created as an autonomous government authority under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, reporting directly to the Minister of Education.


Madarom - Beit Yatziv 

Madarom was initiated in 1997 to help rectify the declining achievements of Israeli schoolchildren when measured against international standards, and to ensure a future adult workforce that could contend with the demands of Israel's technology-driven economy. The project was founded on partnership between the Foundation and the Ministry of Education, and was conceived as a five-year plan involving all schools in the southern region, from kindergarten to high school.


Northern Goals Association 

The Northern Goals Association was founded by the Rashi Foundation in 2004 to be the Foundation's operating arm in the north. It works to promote the welfare, health, and education of children and their families living in the northern region To this end, the Association develops and operates educational activities for all ages, from birth to university, in both formal and informal settings, acting to promote scholastic achievements and accessibility to higher education.



The driving idea behind the founding of Darca network was to strengthen the schools in Israel’s geo-social periphery and support them on their way to becoming high quality institutions of post-primary education. The Darca network caters to Israel’s highly diverse communities, with the aim of strengthening the country’s social fabric.


Ministry of Education - Northern District (Hebrew)


Ministry of Education – Science and Technology, Southern District (Hebrew)


Society and Youth Administration (Hebrew)


AMIT – Zionistic Religious Education Network

The AMIT network provides religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies for children of all ages throughout Israel. AMIT schools promote academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals.


Amalnet – computerized Learning Environment 

Amalnet, the home website of the Amal School Network, has one of the largest collections of educational content in Israel: learning materials, study programs, online books, educational software, interactive activities and more. It offers a space for interaction between teachers, students and parents through web-based school sites, communities and social networks.


Adva Center

The Center is a policy analysis center which analyzes changes in the budget, tax system and social services – education, health, housing, welfare, transportation and the environment - and their implications for Israeli society in general and disadvantaged social groups in particular.


Snunit - To know more with ease and fun

Snunit is a portal for educational information and activities, aiming to promote the use of computers and technology as tools for improving learning and teaching in the Israeli education system, and to enable all students to benefit from them. Snunit believes that acquiring computer and Internet skills ay an early age can help to close social and economic gaps and will lead to the training of a creative, open-minded and independently-thinking generation.



Ma'ase Center's volunteering programs provide young adults from the periphery with the means for socio-economic mobility and help establish a civil society that promotes equal opportunity, democracy, pluralism, and community involvement.
We promote social change together with motivated young adults from all sectors of Israel, primarily from the socio-economic periphery - Jews, Arabs, Druze, secular, religious, new immigrants and native born Israelis. 


Central Bureau of Statistics


Carasso Science Park




Yachdav Association


Israel Government Portal