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Data from standardized international tests show that the Israeli education system suffers from wide gaps in performance that reflect social and economic inequalities.  This undermines social solidarity and causes young people to cease believing in themselves.

At the very heart of the Yeholot Association's accelerated learning program is the belief that, except for a tiny percent of children, every student is able to succeed in school and attain impressive results. Even learning gaps that have existed for years can be narrowed and eliminated! The reduction of gaps and the elimination of the correspondence between scholastic performance and economic background are of supreme importance in a pluralistic society like Israel's.  Yeholot opereates in underserved communities, promoting social justice and educational equality by helping Israel's weakest students overcome stigma and failure, and motivating them to aspire to a better future.  We work in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, municipal authorities, school networks and philanthropic partners around the world.

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News And Updates

2014/15 Accelerated Learning for Matriculation - Nationwide - 92.3% Success. Read more

The Locality Beit Jann - was ranked in the third place in Israel in the rate of students entitled for a matriculation certificate. Learn more about the Start and  Last Hurdle Programs, and about the dramatic increase in the matriculation rate in Beit Jann. The Marker 8.9.2013 

Yeholot Last Hurdle subjects Program – 2011-12 – 90% success . Read more

2011-2012 Start Program Report – about 66% of the students who participated in the program are entitled to a Matriculation certificate. Before joining the program these students were "hidden dropouts" with virtually no chance of matriculation.  Read more

Tel Aviv University Report 31.1% of the first cohor of Start Program graduates are studying in higher education. These students began high school as "hidden dropouts" with more than 7 failing grades.

New - A total of 47.4% of the Last Hurdle  program graduates from the periphery, in collaboration with the Gilbert Foundation - have continued on to academic studies. Read More